Studying in Coffee Shops

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Saturday, October 07, 2017

I’ve been noticing more and more comments on my social feed about students studying in coffee shops. The issue is that they camp out there for hours (some for the entire day), filling up the entire coffee shop and for other coffee shop patrons not finding anywhere else to sit. I’ve experienced this myself especially when exams are coming up. I’d have to be really early in a coffee shop if I want hang out there or else, I’d have to find one that’s not so popular and will relatively be empty.
Should students be allowed to stay THAT long in coffee shops to study? Most think they should be forced out of the coffee shop while others are indifferent on the issue. Here’s my two cents on the matter.


Stricter café policies.
I think it’s only fair for coffee shops to be stricter when it comes to prioritizing paying patrons than one who just buys one coffee drink and stays in the café for the entire day. I don’t think it’s harsh at all. They can start by allotting just a space for studying like what this coffee shop did in their interior space. Signs that say “maximum of 3 hours study time only” would help too.

No wifi, no outlets.
This way, most will be forced to stay at only the battery capacity of their gadgets. Turn around for customers will be more frequent than having a generous supply of outlets but with just minimal generation of day to day income.


Your school has libraries.
As one of my friends commented that these younger generation of students are already over-caffeinated, they should just make use of their school’s libraries. He has a point though. Tuition fees include full use of these facilities inside the school. Since you are paying for them anyway, why not go study there instead.

Check out co-working spaces.
If going to your school’s library doesn’t cut it for you. Why not check out co-working spaces instead? You can form a big study group and then chip in for the fee. This way, you can do a group study, be comfortable and do some study work while an interior space that’s conducive enough for concentration and focus.

Go home and save your money.
I like this option best of all because who said that you cannot study at home? This is the best way to save money, practice discipline and ease your parents’ worry about your whereabouts for the day. Plus you can just stay in your most comfy jammy and not worry about dressing up.

Studying in Coffee Shops

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