Places to Visit if You Are Looking for an Adventure

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Saturday, April 14, 2018

Despite my quiet and shy demeanor, close friends know that I’m not one to back down on an outdoor adventure. In fact, if given the choice, I’d travel more and explore the world.

5 Places to visit if you are looking for an adventure

People who like to travel do so for many different reasons. You have people who travel for sporting events, those who like to relax, people who enjoy learning about new cultures and of course, the most intense travelers of the world, those seeking adventure. They are always looking for new challenges. They want to climb a higher mountain, ride a raft in dangerous rivers and all kinds of different activities that represent a huge challenge, or even danger, to them. Regardless of if they travel alone or in groups, they are very active and will never stay in one place. They like to explore the world and will find a way to explore as much as they can wherever they go. If you are one of these types of travelers, here are some places to go looking for your next adventure:
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Costa Rica: One of the most beautiful countries in the world! Costa Rica offers a variety of ecosystems and animal and plant diversity. In the mountains, you can explore the rainforest and walk through hanging bridges. Another activity that will fill you with adrenaline is zip lining. Some of the highest zip lining systems in the world are located in the Arenal Volcano area. Water rafting is also something that you don’t want to miss. In addition to the excitement  of riding the rapids, you will have the chance to learn more about the wildlife of the area.

Canada: This country is well known for its extensive woods and mountains where skiing and snowboarding are the main activities. There are many options for beginners and experts but skiing and snowboarding, for sure, are activities that you have to do if you go to Canada during the winter time.

Africa: Safaris are one of the most adventurous activities on this planet. If you are a thrill seeker, you will find this activity very invigorating! Nowadays, hunting is illegal without a permit but instead, you can go on a photo Safari. In place of showing off a trophy animal, you can show off pictures of rare African animals. You can have the excitement of the safari without hurting any animals!

Mexico: Arguably the richest country in the world when it comes to variety of ecosystems. Here, you are able to find jungle, tropical rainforests, woods, deserts and more. Depending on the area that you visit, you will be able to do a variety of different adventurous activities. If you go to the north, you will be able to drive a buggy on the dunes of deserts and do zip lining at del cobre canyon. If you go to the middle of the country, you will find forest, so, you can hike or drive an ATV.  Last but not least, if you travel to the south, you can water raft in Chiapas, dive with whale sharks in Quintana Roo and zip line on the top of the trees in the Caribbean jungle.

Europe: This whole continent is full of exciting things to do, so it was hard to just pick one country! It is well known for being able to affordably travel by train and experience a whole variety of adventures. You can explore it only with your backpack and a bit of euro. Countries are generally very close and with a lot of things to offer, you may need some help deciding.
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