Lighting Design Tips

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Whenever I'm tasked to design for a home, aside from choosing the right furniture and colors, the next most important thing to consider is the design for lighting.

Your home is an important investment, and we are sure you have thought about making it beautiful. Every home has its own design, and while you would pay attention to everything from the furniture to the decor, lighting is one thing you just cannot miss out on.

The right lighting helps achieve a nicer ambience of your home, and bring in the style and character you need to your whole room. 

Studies suggest that light plays a crucial role in the overall vibe of the house, and can even help lift the spirits of people inside.

Importance Of Good Home Lighting

You don’t need to spend on chandeliers and expensive lighting fixtures. Simple lighting can do wonders! Here is what you would love.

●    It gives an illusion of space;
●    Highlights important fixtures and elements of the home; and,
●   Shows functionality
●   Can make life better

Lighting Design Tips

Looking to create the right aura around your home? Here is a look at few of the tips that can help. 

1.    Light in layers - In layering of lights, there are three considering points to remember.

a.    General lighting - It consists of overall lighting of the room that helps us see spaces to walk through. 
b.    Task lighting - Aside from general lighting, task lighting is essential as well. It highlights the tasks you do, helping in accomplishing activities like kitchen chores, chopping, brushing your teeth, and so on. 
c.    Accent lighting - is the last among the layers. It serves as the decoration that enhances the architectural design of your home.  

2.    Proper lighting of the bathroom - Makeup application, brushing your teeth, shaving, showering are some of the things you would do in the bathroom. The proper lighting design makes all of it easy.

Try putting a light near or on top of the mirror to better see ourselves when looking at it. There are lighting designs to choose from for these particular places. 

3.    Having a control over switches - If you are looking to do more with the lights, have control on each of your light layer separately. Putting dimmer switches will help you control it and give you the power to soften the light or make it bright easily. 

4.    Love chandelier? Consider the furniture’s structure that the light will emphasize. For example, for a long dining room, use a linear chandelier that will beautify it more. It will also give enough light to see everything better. 

5.    Same lighting colours - Every room needs light. Moreover, it is essential to have a proper lighting plan to see the coordination from one to the other. For instance, choose same colours of light for every room. The consistency of colours makes the place pleasantly looking.  

Proper lighting doesn’t just allow you to feel better, it keeps things safer too. Without a clear vision, even the simplest of tasks could get difficult. Proper lighting is not just for home - you would need it everywhere, from your business to the hospital.

How have you thought of making your place feel lovely again?

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