Posters for Ant-Man and the Wasp

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Wednesday, June 20, 2018

As one of the stars who I believe is aging pretty well, Paul Rudd is back as Scott Lang in Ant-Man and the Wasp as we pick up on his struggles as both a Super Hero and a father, well after the events of Captain America: Civil War.

When Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) and her father, Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) comes to him with an urgent new mission, he must put on the Ant-Man suit again to fight alongside the Wasp to uncover secrets from the past.

Ant-Man and the Wasp also stars Michael Pena, Walton Goggins, Bobby Cannavale, Judy Greer, Tip “T.I.” Harris, David Dastmalchian, Hannah John Kamen, Abby Ryder-Forston, Randall Park, with Michelle Pfeiffer, and Laurence Fishburne. The movie will open in Philippine cinemas on July 4th, 2018.

Check out the released character posters for the movie below.


Ant-Man and the Wasp

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