A Brief Spiral Lunch Date

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Friday, August 24, 2018

Just before we left for the US last July, my husband and I went on a lunch date. It had been a while since I last dined at Spiral and as soon as I saw the famed spiral staircase at Sofitel, memories of me actively blogging and doing foodie reviews came rushing back. 

We were greeted by the very friendly staff and waited on by very attentive waiters. Their olive bread was just as good as I remembered and served fresh and hot right at the start of the meal. 
Olive Bread why are you so good?

I had reserved our lunch buffet right before I got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and I had to very carefully choose from the array of ateliers which ones will not aggravate my inflammation and my thyroid. It was my husband’s first time to eat there so I was really excited for him.

My husband took his time to enjoy the ateliers while I dove right in and headed straight to my favorites. See that lamb and mint jelly?

I was a bit shy to take photos of the ateliers but you may refer to my previous posts about Spiral. After the hefty and very satisfying meal, we went outside to enjoy the view. It’s gonna be our last view of Manila in a while and we took it all in. I even managed to fiddle around with my phone camera to sneak in a few shots.
Look at those clouds!

It was almost 2pm and the sun was scorching hot but the pool was still just as nice.

Hello there helicopter.

The LG G6 camera has pretty good focusing settings.

Oooh pretty landscaping!

Look a plane!

My husband. :)

Spiral Lunch Buffet

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