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By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Following the success of the first film, the story of Rocky and Adonis Creed continues in Creed 2. The movie will have Michael B. Jordan and Silvester Stallone reprising their iconic roles and the movie will open in Philippine theaters on November 28th. You've had your fill of the Rocky films you say? Well, this could be well worth something to check out because if I happened to like the first one, and I'm not the biggest fan of boxing-themed films, then you might too.

Here in the second film, Adonis is trying to balance his time between family and training. For his next big fight, he will be up against someone who has ties to his family's past. Behind him is Rocky, as they both try to discover themselves in their shared destinies. Here they will discover that nothing is more important than family.

Creed 2 is distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

Creed 2 Movie Poster

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