Ryan Gosling Stars in First Man

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Thursday, October 11, 2018

One of the most versatile actors today is Ryan Gosling. He's also one of the other Ryan's who can make legions of girls go gaga with just one smile. Well, here's one more trivia tidbit for all you Ryan Gosling fans out there. Former colleagues of his, remark just how immensely dedicated and professional Ryan is when it comes to preparing for a role. His passion is the kind that drives him to learn how to play the piano for his role in La La Land and spending months soaking up the culture of Charleston for The Notebook.

For this movie, First Man, Ryan Gosling is once again very much into the character of Neil Armstrong that he even took time to meet Janet Armstrong, Neil's wife, before she passed away. He also talked with Neil's two sons, Rick and Mark. For his character research, he also went to The Armstrong Air & Space Museum, NASA's Cape Canaveral and NASA's Houston facilities.

The movie, First Man is based off the book with the same title and was penned by James Hansen. The book featured more than 700 pages of meticulous research to which Gosling had all hours access.

Gosling’s fascination for Armstrong and the men who were his cohorts permeated the production.  “My first instinct in preparing for this role was to learn how to fly.  Neil was flying before he could drive; it seemed an integral part of who he was, so I thought I should start there.  At a certain point in my training, I was asked to force the aircraft into a self-imposed ‘stall,’ and I had a moment of clarity.  This was a terrible idea.  I understood in that moment why Neil was destined to be one of the world’s greatest pilots and why I was not.  Like many other astronauts, Neil began as a test pilot.  It takes a certain kind of person to knowingly get into an aircraft that has never been flown and take it to its breaking point, for the sole purpose of finding its flaws so that we might move our understanding of aeronautics forward.” 

Opening on October 17th, First Man will be distributed by United Pictures International through Columbia Pictures.

Ryan Gosling, First Man

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