Bumblebee Movie Coming to Us in January

By Unknown - Friday, November 30, 2018

Just when you think we’ve seen the last of the Transformer movies, we have a spin-off movie coming our way. However, this is looking to be good. Have you seen any of the trailers yet? Bumblebee is slated for a January 8th release next year and that’s only about a month away.

The movie will feature everyone’s favorite Autobot while he was on the run during 1987 and was seeking refuge in a small California beach town. His path takes him to Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) who was also trying to find her place in the world. She finds him battle-scarred and broken and when she sought to fix him, she was surprised to find that he was no ordinary VW bug.

The film stars Hailee Steinfeld who is no stranger to the big screen, Pamela Adlon, John Cena who was extremely funny in Blockers, Stephen Schneider and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. Bumblebee will be distributed in the Philippines by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.

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