5 Tips to hiring a good solicitor

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A solicitor is a type of lawyer whose job is to offer support and expert legal advice to clients. Solicitors may specialize in various areas including taxation law, estate planning, asset protection and employment law. A solicitor’s specific role depends on their area of specialization, but some of their responsibilities include gathering evidence, preparing documents for court, acting as a negotiator between their client and another party and also appearing in court for cases where a barrister is not needed.

A good solicitor ought to have excellent communication and negotiation skills. They should also should be very attentive. When hiring one for your legal issue, it is essential that you go for a trusted one as even the slightest mistake can cost you.

Here are 5 tips to hiring a good solicitor

Ask for recommendations from family and friends
You could begin by asking for guidance and recommendations from trusted sources such as your friends, family or other professionals (for instance, accountants and other lawyers). By engaging a solicitor who has worked with others before, you are assured of getting a good experience and having successful results. This technique allows you to gather beneficial information about the solicitor such as how well they communicate when responding to inquiries and if they achieve good results efficiently and economically.

Carry out an interview
The only way to get convinced that you have a good solicitor is by talking to them on the phone or even in person. Different types of lawyers have different systems and ways of communicating with their clients. Some will prefer talking over the phone while some might opt to meet in person. Others provide free consultations, but mostly their system will depend on their area of specialization.

Personal injury solicitors like Smith Jones Solicitors mostly offer free consultations because their cases involve a lot of work and they take their work very seriously. Either way, you need to interview with your solicitor to determine if they are what you need and also to maintain a close friendship.

When choosing the best qualified solicitor, it is vital that you check their experience. An excellent and experienced solicitor should have been in the field for more than four years which will depend on your case type. When considering their experience, you also need to go through their credentials and determine whether they are original or not. In addition to that, you need to fix a list of questions to ask them based on your case. This way you will get to know whether they can be supportive and understanding.

Another essential tip to consider is the solicitor’s certification and qualification. By asking them to provide their credentials, you can determine whether they have the right training or not and also if they are registered to carry out their services. When checking their certification, it is also advisable that you know some cases your solicitor has worked with and whether they were successful or not. Furthermore, conducting a background check will help you find out their reputation.

Costs will differ from one solicitor to the next. Different solicitors will charge differently and will also have different retainer conditions. It is essential that you contemplate your budget to understand what you want, how vital the solicitor's help is to you and what outcome you expect from their service. Some solicitors will charge fees based on their level of experience, so you need to put a lot of factors in mind when hiring one. The critical thing is to hire one that will best suit your budget.

These tips will help you hire a professional solicitor in no time.

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