Thank you for Long Weekends

By Unknown - Saturday, December 01, 2018

I'm finally enjoying a long weekend which started yesterday because one of the holidays for November was to commemorate one of the most well-known Philippine heroes, Andres Bonifacio. It's crazy just how many holidays we celebrate here in the Philippines and also just how much we look forward to long weekends. Between a busy latter half of the year and personal projects in between, it's great to have a break from an uber busy schedule. I finally get to sit, sip coffee and just type away on my laptop.

How do you spend your long weekends? Here's a default list of my "ideal" things to do during such welcomed vacation days.

Binge-watch on Netflix. Oh yes, the idea of just lounging in bed, being in comfy clothes and just basically catching up on loved tv shows and missed movies will always be a welcome treat.

Paint my stress away. Art had always been a favorite escape of mine and long weekends are perfect for de-stressing and just working on some art projects.
Blogging. While I always strive to find some free time to write, long weekends are also perfect for me to update my blogs (which I am doing right now). Paired up with a great cup of coffee and with my laptop in front of me, I can spend a few hours just typing my thoughts away.

Get some quality family time in. I look forward to the weekends the most not only because of the time away from work but because I get to come home and see my mom and my sister and of course my dogs.
Clean up. Sometimes it gets so busy that things just get strewn on desks and clothes just get disarranged inside closets. Long weekends are also the ideal time to clean and declutter.

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