The Reef Pledge for Cleaner Beaches

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Thursday, December 13, 2018

If you still haven't adapted to a lesser plastic use lifestyle, it's really high time that you should. I'm sure you've heard it buzzing in the news and in social media about how marine animals are falling prey to the alarming plastic pollutants found in oceans today. National Geographic held a very successful information campaign mid year and it's been an eye opener. Doing their part in cleaning up beaches from plastic waste, international beach apparel brand, REEF, had pledged to 1,500 beach clean ups, removal of 150,000 lbs of trash and to engage 30,000 volunteers this year.

In line with their pledge, they also facilitated in the Free the Sea Movement 3 in San Juan, La Union in partnership with WWF Philippines which is encouraging people to live a sustainable lifestyle and stopping the use of single-use plastics that are harmful to the environment, especially the oceans.

REEF is also proud of their PVC-free products enhanced with Eco One, an organic additive that makes them 100% biodegradable. Soon, their packaging will also be composed of Eco One. Their latest campaign, Beach Freely encourages everyone to experience the beach and their products with a carefree but responsible lifestyle that aims to preserve the fun and novelty of going to a beach while still taking care of the natural beauty of the environment.

I'm all for supporting brands that care for the environment, how about you? 

REEF is the global brand that encourages people everywhere to Beach Freely. United by the spirit of the beach since 1984, REEF designs innovative and comfort-driven products to celebrate the freedom and fun of the beach lifestyle.
REEF® and Reef Beach Freely™ are trademarks of South Cone, Inc.

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