All about Cher

PhotobucketHello there! Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Cher, the nickname that most of my friends call me. My full name is Rochelle, but nobody really ever calls me that (except for my mom at times). So let me see, I shall take this page as a vanity page of sorts, presenting each aspect of personality in categories so that you may get to know me better.

What I do for a living
As mentioned briefly in my Google profile, I'm a full-time interior designer. I got my degree at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City. I then took the board exams right after I graduated and got lucky enough to pass. :)I've been practicing since then. Presently, I'm working for DVD Architecture.

My design style preference for interiors lean towards the modern and contemporary style. I like mixing in traditional elements too but not in the purist sense. My strength lies in the mixing of colors and an eye for detail. Although it hasn't been updated recently, you can view my online portfolio at Coroflot.

In my spare time…
I discovered blogging back in 2008. It used to be just a medium to channel my thoughts and frustrations at the end of the day. Admittedly it became very addicting and such a great stress reliever. Then I met the local blogging community and became a part of it. Blogging became an important part of my life since then. I've met a lot of interesting people, I learned how to deal with good and bad social interactions and I've been writing a lot especially when I attend events. You can check out my other blog - Cher's Creative Space for my calligraphy and art explorations. I also post frequently on Instagram. You can keep up with my daily blurbs on Twitter or follow my page on Facebook if you like. 

Gamer Chic
These days I find it hard to find time to play video games. I used to - A LOT. But I do devote time once in a while to play great games on my platforms of choice - PC and PS4. I've also been known to dabble on casual games found on the Google Play Store or those time management games from Bigfish or PopCap. 

I'm currently passionate about
I'm kind of an art aficionado and currently I'm really into watercolor, calligraphy and lettering. Although it's kind of an expensive hobby to take, it's really me going back to my art roots. Art is my escape at times. The world can be stressful, doesn't it?

On my playlist
While at work designing, making 3d scenes or just writing, I love listening to music. Music somehow gives me a steady flow of creative energy. Music I listen to mostly are from these genres: chillout/ambient, alternative rock, vocal house.

There you have it. That's me in a nutshell. You'll find reflections of my personality written across my posts. Let me share with you things that I've found interesting. I hope you'll like it here.

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